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Bring the right ideas 

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Ideanote collaborates with to help you test and validate your ideas. We want to make sure you only bring the right products to market. 
No more resource waste, no more failed ideas!

we deliver 
to our clients

we deliver 
to our clients

Initial market interest

Is there a genuine interest in the market for your idea? Here we can test your idea even if it was just conceived.

Which feature?

Not sure about which feature to highlight? We use real customers to test the best value propositions and the right features.

Price point

Correct pricing can be tough. We can help you test various price points with customers to determine the best level.

Test your ideas early
and save resources

The earlier you test an idea, the better. We are experts in product tests and market validation and will test your ideas at an early stage to produce tangible results you can use to decide next steps.

Less resources spent on product development

Actual market data from real users

Data based decisions for next steps

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The numbers speak

for themselves!

We are big data fans! We use data to measure, twist, adjust and test. We look at the numbers and try to make the best decisions based on that. We think you should do the same.

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of products fail in the market


of all new products do not meet the revenue target


of the total costs are locked in at the idea phase


of product managers 
struggle to prioritize features.


Do not just take our words for it 
our customers love it too

" provided invaluable knowledge of what works and which darlings should be dropped. Be prepared to get wiser. One moment, you are part of a creative whirlwind, the next, a spectator to a team that knows their home ground really well."

Kåre Carlsen

Head of Innovation

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No idea is too small or too big to test.

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Trusted by big and small brands alike 

"Flashtest makes us work like a startup and has made it possible for us to market validate new product and concept ideas faster than ever before."

Patrik Henriksson

Nordic Talent & Acquisition

Line Dalsfort

Senior Innovation Lead

"With Flashtest, we got access to experts that tested our business ideas in the market from A-Z. We received crucial input that challenged our starting point and lifted our ideas to even greater heights."